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we make feel-good body care
for daily routines
and self-care rituals

100% vegan | Responsible sourced ingredients | Handmade + locally produced

shampoo bar

Ghassoul clay + Broccoli seed oil

Shampoo bar

100% + Bergamot | Lemongrass | Rosemary

Pink clay + Hibiscus

Facial Polish

100% vegan + free of parfume

The skin journal

Discover amazing stories about your skin, nature and our promise to make clean beauty

Slow sustainable beauty with a soul

What started as a school project quickly grew into a passion for clean beauty. liquid beauty products contain 80% water which is bad for the environment and stimulates pollution trough transport.

Cea wants to fucus on waterless products without harmfull toxins. 
Thats why  Cea specializes in naked products without water or redunant packaging. 

We promise you to only use natural ingrediënts that work for every skin type.
All products are vegan, handmade and free from animal cruelty

Free soap shavings with every order

Cea wants to create clean beauty. We take care of how we produce, which ingrediënts we use but we’re also verry consious about our waste. we shave every soap we make and this creates some good smelling waste. 

That’s why we give some free soap shavings with every order. You can use them as a single use soap, trow them in your bath for some bubbles or put them in your closet for some great smelling undies. 

We say tank you for shopping small and creating less waste. 

Up to 60 washes. Discover our shampoo bars.

our core values

100% vegan

handmade & micro batch